Boracay European International School (BEIS) is a non-profit, co-educational, international school that uses English as the language of instruction. BEIS was founded in 2008 by a group of parents whose mission was to provide high quality programs using international standards for students of various nationalities that live on Boracay. The school offers programs from Nursery to Grade 9. BEIS began in partnership with the German European School in Manila, which has an accreditation as an IB World School, as they provide high quality academic and administration assistance. BEIS is fully accredited under the Philippines Department of Education to provide instruction in both elementary and secondary education.

Today, BEIS is proud of its growth and progress made over the last seven years. At present, the campus has11 classrooms, an Information Communication Technology (ICT) laboratory equipped with modern computers and flat screen monitors, an outdoor gymnasium and a newly purchased air-conditioned school bus. Our school employs experienced, qualified, and creative educators from many nationalities and backgrounds to provide the best possible education for our students. BEIS is working toward implementation of the Common Core Curriculum for 2015 and beyond. The high expectations of this cohesive educational plan will prepare our students for the rigors of high school wherever they choose to go after graduation from Boracay European International School.

Our Mission and Vision

Boracay European International School helps our students prepare for high school and their life beyond. We create a community of life-long learners who strive for academic excellence. We share a sense of open-mindedness and teach responsible citizenship. Our educational program is designed to develop the understanding, skills, and attitudes that support success in the 21st century. We believe that as we move through the processes of inquiry, discussion, decision-making, and reflection, students develop an understanding of themselves and the world around them.

BEIS is a school where students are active participants in their daily growth and learning.  Here, students use technology to enhance achievement, monitor personal progress and communicate with teachers. Teachers collaborate in weekly planning and development meetings to ensure that BEIS maintains a rigorous, high-interest curriculum.


The school, located on the beautiful island of Boracay, Philippines, consists of eleven classrooms for all the grade levels, including our Nursery/ Kindergarten classroom, a loft type room divided into learning areas that ensure smooth learning transitions for the children.  As are students grow, so does BEIS. We recently added a combined Library-Resource Room. It is stocked with a wide array of books, materials and manipulatives to enhance, compliment and deepen our student learning experiences.

Information and Communications Technology Lab

BEIS is equipped with an updated computer laboratory. In 2014 we purchased 15 new student computers stations loaded with education software to research offline. We also increased the number of our Wi-Fi connections to improve access to information online. Our students develop skills in document creation and design, power point presentations, and even video production. We believe that by providing access to technology, we equip students with the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to be competent and productive in an ever-evolving, dynamic world.  With a sound technology skill set, students will be able to engage and manipulate technical resources to create exceptional results now and in the years to come.

Multipurpose Gymnasium & Playgrounds

The BEIS Gymnasium serves our PE class facility, a playground area during school breaks, where most students participate in: volleyball, badminton, football, basketball, court games and intramurals.  The Gymnasium also serves as the venue for all our sporting activities, assemblies ,special events and PTA functions.

The youngest children have their own playground located behind the Kindergarten classroom. In 2014 new play equipment was purchased to offer more variety for games and socialization. Here, the children can enjoy the fresh air while running around engaging themselves in fun outdoor play. Upstairs, we have a larger play area where students may play ball games or tag or just enjoy reading in the shade of the trees. Students from all the levels usually utilize this facility during their breaks. Secondary students are allowed to go down to the gym for their breaks and lunchtime to play proper games of basketball or football. Staff supervises all the playground areas during the breaks and the 45 minute lunch recess.

Cooperation and Communication

Boracay European International School is YOUR school on Boracay. Each member of the community – parent, student, faculty and staff – is committed to doing all that they can to develop and actively support our mission and vision, as we constantly seek what is best for students, our number one priority. Effective communication is a priority at BEIS. There are many options for families to receive and share information.

Communication tools

  • BEIS Website:http://www.boracayInternationalschool.org
  • Administration e-mail: info@boracayinternationalschool.org or cgbauer@beischool.org
  • Daily school homework diary
  • Special memos that may be sent home
  • Direct teacher email

Please feel free to call the school at 288-1624 and use the website as a link to contact our school staff.

In case of emergency, the school will inform parents in two ways so please make sure to update us if they change:

  • Plan A: The school will send a text message from the school’s cell phone to your contact cell phone on file
  • Plan B: The school will send out an e-mail to the email address on file

Parent Teacher Conferences

In the beginning of the school year we host a Parent Information Night (Sept.22) where teachers share their course outlines, procedures and contact information. We hold parent-teacher conferences at the end of the first semester with all parents to discuss our students’ academic and personal development. Additionally, parents are encouraged to communicate with their children’s class teachers through the homework diary, through email, or by setting an appointment to see the teacher during their office hours or after school.

Each semester, you will receive a report card describing the performance of your student. Letter grades are earned in accordance with the academic output that the child produces in class.  If there are any concerns about curriculum issues, student’s personal issues, or learning performance, the classroom teacher should be the first person to contact. Parents can make an appointment during teachers’ office hours from 8am to 3:30pm throughout the week.

If you feel the need for further discussion or action with the Principal or your wish to share your ideas, comments or raise non-classroom concerns, please arrange an appointment through the administration office.


Parent Teacher Association

The BEIS Parent Teacher Association or the PTA is an excellent way to get involved. The PTA is responsible for supporting the school through organizing fun school events throughout the school year. The meetings are open to any BEIS parent or guardian that wishes to participate. The group also uses its influence to lobby on behalf of the school in its continuing effort to ensure the best for students. BEIS needs participation in this vital organization. In the past, the PTA has been very successful in raising funds and organizing school events as they bring the school and the community together.

Parent Volunteer

Here at BEIS, we recognize that parent involvement is a crucial factor to the overall development of every child. Having parents volunteer in the classroom or the school is encouraged here in BEIS. You may volunteer as a parent reader, class representative, coach a sporting team, teach an elective, and many more. Please contact your child’s class teacher and find out how you can get involved.


The teachers at Boracay European International School are experienced and qualified educators. We have both local and international teaching staff, which adds to the diversity of our International Community. Their countries of origin include the Philippines, United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom.  Our teachers specialize in teaching either a grade level or a subject based on their educational background.

All our teachers are dynamic, dedicated, and committed to giving top quality education as we mold students into lifelong learners and contributors.

In the early primary years, teachers are responsible for teaching all subjects in one room in a safe, welcoming environment. At times specialist teachers will instruct classes for ICT, Kulturang Pilipino and Physical Education.

In the secondary and middle school years, we have subject-based specialist teachers who teach core subjects across the grades 4 through 9. By having specialist teachers, we are not only providing your child with a variety of teaching styles and methods, but also allowing our teachers to focus on their background, experience and subject strength.